House Cleaning Service Cost on Eco Clean Solutions

For a house cleaning service, expect to pay €30 to €40 per hour. For instance, a 180 m2 house with two bedrooms and one bathroom could cost roughly €240.

Prices vary depending on where you live and what inclusions you want to include.

Some home cleaners bill by the hour. Others charge a flat fee for services that may take longer to complete. End-of-lease cleaning, for instance, might cost tenants roughly €250. (two-bedroom unit).

Using a home cleaning service allows you to devote more time to leisure and other important pursuits. To assist you manage your finances, it’s a good idea to know how much professional cleaners charge and for what kind of cleaning chores the cost may vary.

Housecleaners’ Hourly Rates

Most home cleaners charge between €30 and €40 per hour. Prices vary depending on the demand for expert house cleaning services as well as other considerations. The following is a list of the average cleaner rates per hour in Dublin.

Multiply the number of hours spent cleaning by the hourly rate of cleaners in your state to calculate the labor cost.

Other house cleaners will give you a fixed quote. Eco Clean Solutions can assist you in obtaining three free quotes from local cleaners for realistic pricing.

What Factors Influence the prices of House Cleaning?

The cost of professional house cleaning is influenced by a number of factors.

1- The size of your home

The size of your home has a big impact on how much you’ll be charged. Depending on the requirements, some home cleaners charge per room or per square metre.

Cleaning a one-bedroom apartment with one bathroom, for example, can take two to three hours. Due to the increased number of rooms to clean, homeowners with a two-story residential property pay extra.

When hiring, be sure to spell out the payment conditions so that you know exactly what you’re getting into.

2- Geographical location

Hiring a professional cleaner from outside your area may result in higher costs. You should expect to spend more for transportation and call outs.

To avoid paying unnecessary costs, consider the location of your prospective house cleaner’s firm.

3- The scope of the work

Determine the scope of the home cleaning service you require. In most cases, cleaners charge a flat rate for common areas (e.g. room, etc).

Additional (e.g. polished hand rails) or difficult-to-access regions may incur additional costs in some residences. It is critical that all parties have a clear understanding of the costs of extra services.

Any specific requests, such as carpet cleaning, trash collection, or roof cleaning, will affect the price of your service. Carpet cleaning for a one-bedroom apartment, for instance, can cost anything from €30 to €50 per room.

If you have pets at home, your prices may rise as well. Confirm whether there are any additional fees for complex or unusual cleaning jobs.

4- Cleaning frequency

The projected house cleaning prices are also determined by the cleanliness quality of your home. Many house cleaners provide discounts to homeowners who hire them on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.

Having your home cleaned on a regular basis helps to lessen the difficulty of the job, which may result in lower costs.

House Cleaning Jobs and Additional Services: How Much Do They Cost?

Standard and personalized price lists are provided by home cleaners to match your individual demands. The following details can assist you in estimating the cost of a house cleaning service:

  • Total cleaning area per square metre
  • Count of storeys (e.g. single, double)
  • The total number of living rooms
  • The number of bedrooms
  • Bathrooms available
  • In m2, what is the size of your kitchen?

The following are typical monthly cleaning costs for 180 m2 single-story homes:

  • €240 for a two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment
  • €265 for a two-bedroom home with two bathrooms
  • For a home with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, the price is €310.

Monthly cleaning costs for 180m2 double-storey residences are approximately:

  • With two bedrooms and one bathroom, this apartment costs €280.
  • With two bedrooms and two bathrooms, this apartment costs €305.
  • With three bedrooms and three bathrooms, the price is €350.

The prices shown above may vary depending on the scope of work and cleaning frequency.

Other costs will apply if you want to clean additional rooms (e.g., laundry, playroom). Here are a few inclusions you might want to include:

Cleaning the windows

Expect to pay roughly €10 per window pane (normal price). Hourly charges are estimated to range between €30 and €45.

To figure out how much it will cost to clean your windows, multiply the total number of panes in your home by the average fee, which is €10. Wiping, external frame scrubbing, and washing of internal and outdoor window panes are all included.

Cleaning the oven

The cost of cleaning an oven ranges from €100 to €200 on average.

Degreasing the inner and exterior sections of the oven, soaking the oven rack, and polishing the exterior handles and glass, among other things, are all part of a thorough oven cleaning. Pricing is determined by the size of your oven.

Cleaning the roof

Roof cleaners charge between €40 and €80 per hour, depending on the type and condition of the roof.

Mold and other debris are removed from the roof during cleaning. The usage of cleaning products for both household and commercial purposes may increase the cost of the product.

Cleaning in the spring

For spring cleaning chores, house cleaners charge between €90 and €350.

The cost varies depending on the size of your home, the difficulty of the job, and the number of rooms to be cleaned.

To ensure that the cleaners understand your work and price expectations, fully outline your scope and requirements, just as you would for any other component of your work.